Optimizing Student Learning with Online Formative Feedback

April 4, 2016

Doris Cheung


Online formative feedback using Google Forms and Sheets combined with FormMule facilitated instant data collection and structured feedback for a course at the University of Colorado Law School to optimize learning outcomes.

By giving and receiving ongoing, timely feedback, students can practice and modify their behavior during the learning experience, which stimulates motivation and deeper learning.

Adopting a low- or no-cost approach can make

Four Ways to Give Good Feedback

1. Supply information about what the learner is doing, rather than simply praise or criticism.

specific information about how the learner is performing a task is much more helpful than mere praise or, especially, criticism. In particular, research by Hattie, Timperley, and others has found that feedback is most effective when it provides information on what exactly the learner is doing right, and on what he or she is doing differently (and more successfully) than in previous attempts.