Flipping the Classroom


Flipping the Classroom

By Cynthia J. Brame

What are the key elements of the flipped classroom?

Provide an opportunity for students to gain first exposure prior to class

Provide an incentive for students to prepare for class. In all the examples cited above, students completed a task associated with their preparation….and that task was associated with points.

Women Students and Those with Lower GPAs Benefit Most From ‘Flipped Classroom’ Teaching


results of a five-year study suggesting that student gains are related to working with course material in a more timely and accurate manner. Students avoided “cramming” for tests and instead prepared ahead for classes and exams, allowing them to get higher grades. Further, the researchers saw more pronounced positive effects for female students and those who came in with a lower grade point average.

Feature proposal: Exercise collection for pattern abstraction

Create a collection of exercises that are not embedded in content, and use cumulative learning.

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