Grading and formative feedback

These videos show how Cyco’s formative feedback system works. They were created for a presentation at the Lily Conference on Teaching and Learning in Traverse City, Michigan, USA, in October, 2015.

Author creating an exercise

First, an author writes an exercise. Part of that is creating rubrics.

Each rubric has three levels: good, needs work, and poor. The author enters any number of feedback phrases for each level.

Cyco will convert into a “clickable rubric” for graders.

Student submitting work

A students submits his/her work for an exercise.

Grader evaluating student’s work

Graders use the rubrics created by authors. Graders can customize the feedback text as required. They can enter new feedback phrases that authors didn’t anticipate, and mark them for permanent storage. The phrases will then be available for those rubric items in the future.

Cyco creates a message for the user, based on:

  • The grader’s feedback.
  • The grader’s persona, discussed below.

Student reviewing feedback

Grading creating a persona

When Cyco creates a feedback message, it integrates phrases from the grader’s persona. The persona is the personality the grader wants to project. Friendly helper, formal evaluator, surfer dude…

The video shows how graders create their personas.


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