Joining a class

Once you create an account, you need to join a class. If you don’t, your grader won’t be able to see your exercise submissions.

Log in, and click the Control panel link:

Control panel link

You’ll see the groups you are in. A class is a type of group. At first, there won’t be any:

No groups

Click the List of classes link. You’ll see something like this:

List of classes

If your class isn’t listed, contact your instructor.

Click on the class you want to join. You’ll see a description of the class, and link for requesting membership:

Requesting membership

Click the link. You’ll see:

Requesting membership

Your instructor might ask you to enter something in the request message field.

Click Join. You’ll see:

Unsubscribe link

Use the Unsubscribe link if you chose the wrong class.

Your instructor has to approve your membership before you’ll have full access to class-specific content.


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