Look and feel

Fonts, colors, shadows, button styles, mouse-over effects… these are the look-and-feel of your site. Cyco has about 20 styles built-in. Let’s use one. You can do this on the demo course, or use your own.

Log in as an author

Log in as an author. For the demo course., use the user name “author”, and password “author”.

Log in

Authors have permissions that students, graders, etc., do not.

Go to the control panel

There’s a new menu in the upper right. Click the control panel link.

Author control panel link

Select Appearance from the control panel

Different people see different things on the control panel, depending on their permissions. Authors see the most choices, students the least. Instructors and graders are somewhere in between.

Click Other at the bottom of the control panel, and then Appearance:

Appearance link

Choose a theme

This screen lets you choose the theme you want to change. Choose the settings for the CyberCourse theme, or a custom theme if you have installed one.

Choose a theme

Choose a new style

Cyco uses the Bootstrap framework, one of the most popular on the Web. The settings are a little obscure, but not too bad.

Click the Advanced link:


Click the BootstrapCDN link:

CDN link

CDN stands for “content delivery network.” It’s geekspeak for “grab data from wherever is fastest.”

Choose a look-and-feel

Pick one from the Bootswatch section:

Choose a look

Cyco pulls in themes created by a separate project: Bootswatch. The list you see here may change, as Bootswatch changes.


Click the Save button at the bottom left of the page:


Now go to the site’s home page. Wander through the lessons. The look-and-feel will be different.

Change back to Cerulean

When you’re done, please change back to Cerulean. Otherwise, the screenshots in these demo walkthroughs won’t match the demo site. It’s not a big deal if you forget. The demo resets itself to Cerulean once a day.


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