Making an account

You’ll need an account to submit exercises and get feedback. You’ll also need to join a class. That’s a separate step.

There’s a user login widget on the right of the screen. Click the Create new account link:

Link to create a new account

Fill in your user name and email address. Your instructor might ask you to use a particular user name and address. For example, Suppose Sarah Jane Smith is creating an account. Her instructor asked her to use the user name from the account her college gave her. Here’s what she does:

User name and email

Now fill in other fields on the form:

Other fields

Fields marked with a * are required. Different instructors require different information.

Click the Create new account button.

You’ll get an email from the Web site in a hour or two. It will contain a link you can use to confirm your account and type in a password.

If you don’t get an email, check your spam folder.

Remember, once you have account, you need to join a class. Otherwise, your grader will never see your exercise submissions.


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