Managing images and other media

Uploading an image

Formatting an image

Center an image

!=INSERT IMAGE HERE(alt text)!

The Five Tasks

Right float an image

!>INSERT IMAGE HERE(alt text)!

Penguin love

Content below floated images moves up to occupy the space to the left of image. The penguin image used the > modifier, and is to the right of this text.

Another way to float stuff is to use a content block. Check them out. You’ll be glad you did.

A figure

Add the class figure to an image for a standard look. You can define that look as you want. The default is a slight indent.

The class caption (applied to p) should be set to complement the figure style. Captions are optional.

!(figure)INSERT IMAGE(alt text)!

p(caption). CAPTION

Hep cats

Hep cats


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