The Need for a Scoreboard and for Applause

Richard Reis, email newsletter. From Creating Significant Learning Experiences, Revised and Updated: An Integrated Approach to Designing College Courses, by L. Dee Fink. Published by Jossey-Bass a Wiley Brand [ ]

I have come to believe that situations with a scoreboard and applause have the elements necessary to powerfully stimulate high performance, whether that be in sports or in educational settings.

In sports, players have a scoreboard that gives them quick, reliable feedback on the quality of their performance.

In education, this is the function of feedback based on clear criteria, frequently and fairly applied.

The other important psychological factor in sports is the applause of the audience.

In education, this is the function that can be fulfilled by other students, the teacher, or even an external assessor.

KRM: It’s people! Private automated applause may not be as effective.


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