This page tells you how to do softwarey things with pseudents. The concept was discussed earlier.

Pseudents packaged with Cyco

Cyco comes with several pseudents:

Jeremy Jeremy
Klaus Klaus
Lily Lily
Simon Simon
Tara Tara

Each pseudent has several expressions. Here’s Jeremy:

Big smile



Nervous smile



Uh oh

There’s also a base drawing you can add expressions to:


The images were created by Teagan Mathieson. She can make pseudents to order.

Make your own

You can create your own pseudents. Some photo services sell images of models designed for use in advertising. They can be used as pseudents. Here are some that Kieran uses:

Jill neutral

Jill thinking

Jill - eek!

These images are not included with Cyco. You have to buy usage rights yourself. These three images were from Fotalia.

Using pseudents

The SWIM editor has a button for inserting pseudents into content:

SWIM editor toolbar

You choose a pseudent pose, perhaps from a particular category. For example, you might want a pseudent with a positive expression:

Choose a pseudent pose

When you choose a pseudent pose, it’s inserted into the editor, ready for use. You type in what you want the pseudent to say:

Klaus in action


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