Pseudents (the p is not silent), short for pseudo-students, are pretend students who go through a course with the regular students. They have many uses, such as:

  • Modeling how good students should act.
  • Showing how to do tasks.
  • Showing common errors that students make.
  • Showing how to recover from mistakes.
  • Helping students not be afraid of emotional reactions to content.

An example of the last one was given on the page about metacognition:

Emotional reaction

These pseudents are dogs, but you can use people. The pseudent Renata is feeling overwhelmed. CC, another pseudent, is feeling the same. Kieran is a pinstructor. He acknowledges the feelings, and gives a solution to the issue causing the feelings.

Pseudents are good for doing demos. They can struggle and make mistakes, just as real students do.


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