Submitting exercise solutions

You can attach files to your exercise solutions. Here’s how.

Suppose you have this exercise:


You draw a picture of yourself. Here’s mine:


You’re ready to submit your picture. You click Work on it:

Work on it

You see something like this:

Empty submission

Click Attach files:

Attach link

You’ll see something like:

File types

You’ll see a list of file types you can upload. If you want to upload a file type that isn’t on this list (e.g., you’re taking a PHP programming class and you want to upload a .php file), ask your instructor what to do. For example, your instructor might tell you to change the file name from .php to .txt, and attach that.

Click Choose file (it might be called something else on your computer), and choose the file you want to attach. Then click Upload. When the upload is complete, you’ll see:

Upload complete

Fill in the description if it isn’t obvious what the file is. You can upload more files, if you need to.

Click the Save button to save your work. Don’t forget the Submit check box, when you’ve finished working on the exercise, and are ready to submit it.



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